Monday, June 25, 2012

Our First Award!!

I want to thank Wendy and Susie for nominating us for the Your Blog is great award!! We are extremely excited!!

We would like to nominate these 5 blogs for the award!
2. Susie
3. Sophie Amelie
5.Bolton Girls Travel Journal!

All those who were nominated, Make sure you put this in a post and link the person who nominated you. Then pass this on to the 5 people you think deserve this award! Congrats to all who were chosen!!

Orthodontist Trip!

So we went to the Orthodontist and it went great! We got different braces this time though. We had invisaligns but because we had a really bad over bite we needed the rubber bands so we had to go back to metal braces. Our mouths are sore but we will take pics after we eat some ice cream :) !!

Our Apologies...

We are sorry we haven't been on here in a while but here are some updates: Our human Jay has started a new series on our Youtube channel called Notes From the Human. She gives advice to fellow humans on how to care for and play with your dolls. We also have our fairly new Facebook page and Rhianna is entered into the Little Miss Playthings competition! I wish her the best of luck!! We did go to the American Girl Place recently and there are pics of what we bought down below. Thats all for now!! Talk to you Later!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello everyone!! We had a fantastic weekend!! We went to the American girl boutique and bistro and got some new stuff! (we will post pics later!) We are a little anxious because we have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow :( we have made so many new friends on Facebook and we love all of them!! That's all for now!!